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Spend R1000.00 or more and get FREE shipping nation wide! Spend R1000.00 or more and get FREE shipping nation wide! Spend R1000.00 or more and get FREE shipping nation wide! Spend R1000.00 or more and get FREE shipping nation wide! Spend R1000.00 or more and get FREE shipping nation wide!


Creality – K1 3D Printer


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  • Building volume :220 x 220 x 250 mm
  • Printing speeds up to 600 mm/s
  • Dual gear direct drive extruder
  • High flow hotend
  • Automatic bed levelling
  • Automatic resonance compensation
  • Double-sided component cooling

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Creality – K1 3D Printer

The K1 from Creality is a powerful FDM 3D printer with extremely cool aesthetics and compact size with a build volume of 220 x 220 x 250 mm. The sturdy design allows the high-speed printer to achieve extremely high print speeds with outstanding quality!


Finished assembled and ready to use

The K1 comes to you fully assembled and already calibrated! A pre-installed simple quick start guide will walk you through the setup of the 3D printer, allowing you to start printing right away!

Sturdy aluminium alloy frame

The sturdy unibody frame of the K1 is custom-made from die-cast aluminium alloy and CNC-machined. The highest precision and stable print behavior even at high speed are thus given!


Robust construction for high-speed and smooth printing

The sturdy CoreXY structure and lightweight printhead weighing only 190 g are designed for high speeds. The robust frame, combined with a lightweight design of the moving parts, not only ensures less inertia and vibration but also more stability!


Fast, faster, Creality K1

With an acceleration of 20,000 mm/s², the Creality K1 ramps up to 600 mm/s in just 0.03 seconds, making it up to 12 times faster than other FDM printers on the market.

The printer’s high print speed shortens print time, increasing efficiency while saving energy – for the same performance.

Although the typical print speed of the K1 is 300 mm/s, its travel speed reaches as high as 800 mm/s!


Max Flow Hotend for temperatures up to 300 °C

The titanium alloy hotend is designed for high temperatures. Its copper alloy nozzle operates at temperatures up to 300 °C!


Full power at 32 mm³/s flow

The K1’s hotend is equipped with a newly developed heater made of ceramic. This takes just 40 seconds to reach a temperature of 200 °C, heat the filament evenly, and melt it.


Dual-gear Direct Drive Extruder

With a consistent extrusion force of 50N, the dual-gear Direct Drive Extruder ensures smooth feeding and dispensing of any type of filament. Compatible with ABS, PLA, PETG, PET, TPU, PA, ABS, PC, PLA-CF, PA-CF, PET-CF and more.


Double-sided component cooling

The print head of the K1 features a powerful radial fan that provides double-sided component cooling, directly cooling the freshly printed layers from two sides. A housing fan of 18 watts further reinforces the cooling effect.

Such a cooling system ensures that the model cures before stringing or warping can occur. Perfect for bridging without support structures!


Manual automatic levelling

Embedded in the heating bed of the K1 are strain sensors that create an accurate levelling network. Thus, automatic levelling runs itself before printing begins by automatically compensating for any unevenness on the printing plate. Incredible precision with zero effort!


Flexible build plate

When bending, the printed model can be easily removed from the flexible build plate. After removing the model, the plate returns to its original position.


Fast heating bed

The heating bed of the K1 is made of aluminium alloy and reaches 60 °C in just 180 seconds – for fast and even heat distribution.


Easy one-button self-test

You can easily perform a self-test to determine the functionality of the extruder, heating bed, camera (optional), fan, levelling, etc. Any abnormality detected will be shown on the display. So you can prepare for your print without any hassle: Let’s go!


G-sensor to compensate for ringing

Everyone knows it – ringing occurs when the printer is working at extremely high speeds. With an integrated G-sensor in the print head, the resonant frequencies are automatically measured during high-speed printing, and reduced as required.


Accelerometer for fine textures

The print head of the K1 is equipped with a special accelerometer. This monitors mechanical vibration patterns that occur during extremely fast printing movements. The data that the sensor gathers from this monitoring is used to generate a resonance that counteracts the vibrations. A perfect print image without ringing is the result.

The more precisely positioned Z-axis reduces Z-banding and creates incredibly fine textures.


Print via USB drive or WiFi

The K1 can print via a USB drive or WiFi. If there is a network connection, the FDM printer can be remotely controlled and monitored via the Creality Print or Creality Cloud app/web application. Cluster control is also possible if multiple K1 printers are online. Note that you need an (optional) AI camera for remote monitoring.


New version of Creality Print 4.3

In-house developed Creality Print comes with tons of presets in the new 4.3 version, reducing the slicer process to 3 simple steps! With fine parameters such as line width, sheet path and the like, the slicer supports high-speed printing and guarantees excellent print quality.


Creality operating system and hardware

K1 uses the smart and fast Creality OS with a clear user interface. The operating system synchronises data and commands via PC, phone, cloud and add-on modules. At the same time, the fast 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU enables smooth printing processes at high speeds. The 8G ROM can not only store up to 400 model files but also enables fast reading and writing.


Additional Features:
  • 4.3-inch touchscreen
  • Optionally designed for AI camera and AI LiDAR
  • Included Features: Power Loss Recovery, Filament Runout Sensor, Input Shaping, Sleep Mode, Lighting Kit
  • Compatible with various slicer software: Creality Print, Cura, Simplify3D, PrusaSlicer


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