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SUNLU UV Resin Curing Box Suitable for 405nm Resin Dryer Lamp with Electric Turntable/Adjustable Timer for SLA DLP LCD 3D Printer UV Model

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Professional 405nm UV Resin LED Lights- The resin model just printed have horrible tacky feeling, the crevices of the resin takes a long time to fully cure.In order to get a better printing effect, you can try SUNLU UV resin light curing box,which can completely cured resin model in a few minutes.
Smart Time Control- The included timer and controller in is easy to setup. It measures in seconds,control curing time from 0s to 600s, you can set the appropriate curing time according to you resin model. No need to worry about over-cured or discoloration due to curing the product for a long time.
Built-in 360°Rotating Turntable & Smart Senser- Built-in 360°Rotating Turntable approximately 10 revolutions per minute,can make the uv lamp coverage more uniform,and the curing speed is faster.The door sensor is specially designed. When you open the door, the light will go out and the curing will stop, which is a good way to prevent direct exposure of the eyes to ultraviolet rays.
Easy to Assemble & Use- Compared with other UV curing light lamp, our light curing boxes are lighter in weight. It took about 3 minutes to assemble,the fixed buckle is an environmentally friendly plastic ring,which eliminates the trouble of looking for screwdrivers or wrench tools.A large internal space can provide sufficient space for curing models.
Compatible Design & one Year Warranty Service- This uv lamp for resin curing box with a host of high power 405nm uv led beads,can fast curing the 405nm uv resin printed objects,it is suitable for most LCD,DLP,or SLA 3d printed objects.

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