RAISE3D E2 Flexible Build Plate Surface


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The RAISE3D E2 Flexible Plate with BuildTak Printing Surface is an ideal build plate for 3D printing. The E2 Flexible Plate is made of highly elastic stainless steel with fast heat conduction, elevated hardness, easy bending, and magnetic attraction. It can conduct heat quickly during printing. After printing, you can gently bend the printing plate to remove the model. BuildTak is widely recognized in the 3D printing industry as an adhesive build surface that provides the perfect amount of texture to grip the first layer of most filaments. At the same time, after printing, the filaments attached to the build surface can be easily removed. There is a special adhesive behind the BuildTak Printing Surface, which can stick tightly to the build plate and will become dislodged during the printing process.

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  • Highly elastic stainless-steel plate
  • BuildTak printing surface
  • TPU handle
Weight 0.44 kg
Dimensions 26 × 37 × 6 cm
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